Curly Hair Tarantula

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Docile species.  Generally safe to handle.

Docile species. Generally safe to handle.

NAME: Curly Hair Tarantula (Brachypelma Albopilosum)
TYPE: New World Ground-Dwelling
TEMPERAMENT: Quite docile and calm.  May kick hairs but typically calms down after a minute.  Mine is very slow moving and will sit still in my hand forever.  I actually find it more difficult to get this spider to move. 
FEEDING/HOUSING: Feeding is straightforward, one or two crickets a week.  I house my Curly Hair in a Kritter Keeper with moist substrate, a water dish, and a cork bark hide.
AVAILABILITY: Curly Hairs are inexpensive and fairly easy to find.  I bought mine as a little spiderling for under twenty dollars.
OTHER: Curly Hairs get their name from their very long and wavy hairs on their legs and abdomens.  These are among the hairiest of tarantulas, with an overall black color. 
My Curly Hair taking a little stroll.

My Curly Hair taking a little stroll.


10 Responses to “Curly Hair Tarantula”

  1. terence faught Says:

    Hey there I’ve been interesting in these spiders for a while and bought myself 2 of them of about 2 months old and wondered if u could tell me more of how to take care of them please

    • iluvspidrs Says:

      What kind of tarantulas did you get? You might want to refer to one of my species pages for more information.

  2. hi i have a year and 3 month old curly hair shes molted about 2 weeks and 3 days ago now, i tried her on larger prey about 2 weeks into her molt because when i placed water in her tank she struck at it iv recently noticed more often when i put food in that she goes to strike towards it and then moves back slowly i thought it might have been something to do with her fangs so i placed her in a tub and got a look at them and it seemed to be really red (around the fluffy bit where the split first starts on a molt) also her fangs looked alot smaller so i have presumed they may be stuck in her somewhere? please help as i do not want her in any discomfort if there is an easy way to resolve this. thanks.

    • iluvspidrs Says:

      The fangs do sometimes turn red while they’re still hardening, so that might be the case although two weeks is a bit long for the recovery. Tarantulas do have red around their mouths normally if that’s what you mean. For now I’d try crushing a cricket and offering it to her if she’s still having trouble eating. Baby tarantulas will sometimes accept this as food. She does seem to be hungry if she’s going after water droplets.

      • ElP!553D0FF Says:

        Thanks very much for the reply, i just wanted to make clear that her fangs are a dark black (how they always usually are) they turned black after a week or so as i noticed it while she was half way up the cage she usually is quite comfortable being held but i usually make a point of leaving her be as much so as i can espically after a molt, do you think it would be a good idea to try and get a hold of her to have a better look? i understand that it may discomfort her but i really hate the thought that she might be hurting. and yes, the redness is around the mouth area. any further help would be greatly appreciated, and thanks again for your speedy responce.

      • iluvspidrs Says:

        It sounds like it should be OK to hold her if her fangs have turned black over a week ago. A lot of my tarantulas have some red around the mouth normally, especially in those little hairs that are under the fangs. Just make sure there’s nothing white in her mouth, as that can indicate some nasty parasites that can stop a tarantula from eating or drinking. I’d try feeding her a (fresh) crushed-up cricket if she’s still not taking live food. Just make sure the crickets you give her are no bigger than her abdomen size. If they’re too big she probably won’t eat them.


  3. charise Says:

    hey I got my first curly hair tarantula yesterday she is about 2 weeks old she doent eat I tried to give her/him food and then I went to say hi to my friends when I came back it was gone the cage was secured I think it got out some where

  4. My curly about 3″ now, just struck a pose and attacked my paint brush while removing some built up sub she moved out her tunnel. I have never known a Albo to be defensive. She hasn’t even flicked a hair yet, well once but not a lot. Think I was irritating her, anyway. I assume that’s just her being protective over her burrow.She eats relatively well and is normally very docile even when I handle her.

  5. I have a pink toe tarantula. do you have any pointers?

  6. My curly hair is scratching self and lost a lot of hair?

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